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For over 25 years Francesca Basilico has been an entrepreneur and product innovator.  Her unique vision and trend-leading design aesthetic have placed her among the elite in children’s wear industry. After receiving a liberal arts degree from New York University, she followed her passion, launching a career in the fashion industry. She began with design and pattern-making coursework at Parsons School of Design. After completing those studies, she partnered with her mother to launch Stria, a private label blouse manufacturing company where she was responsible for all aspects of the technical production.                                                                      

In 1994, moving away from the private label industry she decided to start her own children’s knitwear company, i golfini della nonna (grandmother’s little sweaters), drawing on the inspiration of classic European designs that her grandmothers knit for her as a child. The brand that deeply resonated with young mothers looking for old world detail was energized by a contemporary color palette and wearability. Working directly with a women's cooperative in Bolivia, she expanded by offering private label to various brands such as Erica Tanov, Anthropologie, dosa  and Garnet Hill.

Since 2012, Francesca has worked with fashion icon, Christina Kim, as dosa inc.’s Director of Sales and Operations. In this role, Francesca was responsible for maintaining over 90 accounts while managing the knitwear, accessories & housewares production. While overseeing dosa's day-to-day operations, she had the opportunity to work on projects ranging from new product development to art installations and key partnerships throughout the world.

Francesca is a dedicated professional with the ability to use her skills and industry expertise to manage the bigger picture goals of a studio, while ensuring that the team performs effectively.