1994 - 2012

In 1994, my mother and I embarked on a venture that had started decades earlier. The inspiration for i golfini della nonna (grandmother’s little sweaters) came from the classic European styles that my grandmothers knit for me as a child. In fact, many of our first samples were knit by my grandmother.

The line was defined by all natural, comfortable clothing, with old world details and the energy of contemporary styling and colors. Over the years, we were lucky to build a brand that resonated deeply with people around the world.

All of our clothing was made entirely by hand. This was made possible through our partnership with an indigenous women’s cooperative in Bolivia. I’m so proud of the work that we were able to do with these artisans—we worked with more than 300 women and and our commitment to a sustainable and ethical fashion practice has greatly impacted their lives and families. This relationship continues to this day through my current work at dosa.